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165 years from the establishment

Doctoral School


Comparative private law

Prof. dr. Valeriu M. Ciucă


Formal sources of private law within the systems: Roman-Germanic, common law, religious Islamic and traditional Hindu;

“Subjectivity of comparison” of the legal systems according to the comparatist Pierre Legrand;

Ratione materiae and ratione personae vel loci competences in France and USA;

Collective legal persons in France, SUA and Greece;

The Protective Regime of Persons without Juridical Capacity in USA;

French civil law in respect to foreign legal systems (Le droit civil français en face des systèmes juridiques étrangers) in Jean Carbonnier’s work

The opinion of the comparatist Leontin-Jean Constantinesco on the positive character of comparative law, as expressed in the first book, the 3rd volume of the Treaty on Comparative law;

R.C. van Caenegen on six contrasts between civil law and common law;

The legal acculturation “on history’s verticality”, by force of the prestige of the Roman law and the Roman inheritance in English law. Arguments from the preface of the capital work (The principles of Roman Law ...) of William L. Burdick.

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