In order to pursue doctoral studies in a foreign language it is necessary to obtain the agreement of a potential doctoral coordinator from the Doctoral School of Law, prior to the admission procedure.


Admission calendar 2021:

Registration of candidates: 01 – 06 September (except 4 and 5 September);

selection of candidates: 07 – 10 September;

display of results: 13 September;

appeals (for written evidence only): 14 September;

display of results: 16 September;

display of the final list of the admitted candidates: 16 September




1. Written examn: doctoral research project (the thematic is specific to each subdomain and is specified below). The written exam consists in submitting a doctoral research project, the form and extent of which are determined by each doctoral coordinator, for the places entered in the competition. (Contact the potential PhD coordinator).

 The doctoral research project will be submitted/sent by email together with other documents required when the candidates are enrolled.


2. Oral exam: Interview

The Admission score is calculated as the arithmetic average of the grades obtained in each exam.




PhD coordinator: Prof. univ. dr. Tudorel TOADER, email:

Criminal law and its limits of application;

Offences against the person;

Offences against the performance of justice;

Corruption and service offences;

Electoral offences.



PhD Coordinator: Prof. univ. dr. Valeriu M. CIUCA, email:   

The formal sources of private law in the systems: Romano-Germanic, Common Law, Religious Islamic and Traditional Hindu;

"Subjectivity of comparison" of legal systems in the vision of the comparator Pierre Legrand 

Competences ratione materiae and ratione personae vel loci in France and in the U.S.;

Collective subjects of law in France, the U.S. and Greece

The Protective Regime of Persons without Legal Capacity in the USA 

French civil law in relation to foreign legal systems (Le droit civil français en face des systèmes juridiques étrangers) in the work of Jean Carbonnier

The comparisonist Leontin-Jean Constantinesco's conception of the positive character of comparative law, expressed in Book I, Tom III of the Comparative Law Treaty

R.C. van Caenegen on Six Contrasts Between Civil Law and Common Law

Legal culture "on the vertical of history", by forcing the prestige of the system of Roman law and the Roman heritage in English law. The arguments in the foreword to William L. Burdick's the principles of Roman Law



PhD Coordinator: Prof. univ. dr. Carmen-Tamara UNGUREANU, email:

Participants in international commercial activity.

The applicable law and the competent authority for international dispute resolution.

International trade operations. Contracts.



PhD Coodinator: conf. univ. dr. Ioana Maria COSTEA, email:

Expenditure component in national and European Union budgetary law

Companies Taxation within the European Union

Value added tax – legal and case-law issues

Particularities of local taxes and charges

Tax procedure

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