Admission to the Doctoral School 2018

Admission to the Doctoral School 2018


Doctoral supervisors / Domains

-          Professor dr. Tudorel TOADER / Criminal Law

-          Professor dr. Valeriu M. CIUCĂ / Comparative Private Law

-          Professor dr. Carmen Tamara UNGUREANU / International Trade Law


Admission calendar

REGISTRATION: 3rd-8th of September 2018, at the Faculty’s secretary, from Monday till Friday between 9-12 and 13-16; Saturday, the 8th of September between 9-12.


THE CANDIDATES’ SELECTION: 10th-12th of September 2018.



-          Criminal Law: 10th of September 2018, at 10:00, Council Room

-          Comparative Private Law: 10th of September 2018, at 8:00, V. Pella Room

-          International Trade Law: 10th of September 2018, at 10:00, Room II.6


ANNOUNCING THE RESULTS: 17th of September 2018, at 10:00. Results for the PhD admission 2018

COMPLAINTS (only for the written exam): Until the 18th of September 2018, 10:00, at the Faculty’s secretary or on e-mail at the address


CONFIRMATION OF THE POSITIONS FOR THE ADMITTED CANDIDATES: 20th-21st of September 2018, at the Secretary, programme between 10-12, 13-15. Announcement about the position’s confirmation and withdrawal of the file.



Conditions of admission: See Methodology regarding the admission’s organisation and proceeding to the PhD studies for the university year 2018-2019.



  • Registration form, in which the option for the doctoral supervisor is to be mentioned;
  • Copy of the birth certificate;
  • Copy of the ID;
  • Copy of the marriage certificate/change of name, if appropriate;
  • Two photos of ID type;
  • Copy of the baccalaureate diploma or other equivalent certificate;
  • Copy of the bachelor diploma and the diploma supplement/transcript of records;
  • Master degree diploma or an equivalent certificate, alongside with the diploma supplement/transcript of records, or the graduation certificate and the transcript of records, issued by the faculties’ secretary (for master graduates from the current year), in original and copy;
  • The candidate’s Curriculum vitae;
  • List of scientific works of the candidate (if appropriate);
  • Letter of intent regarding the choice of PhD specialisation;
  • Certificate of knowing a foreign language, issued by the Faculty of Letters of the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi, held no longer than 2 years before the admission exam; the exceptions are the candidates who graduated a simple or double specialization, in which designation appears a foreign language, an accredited faculty, hold the DALF, TOEFEL or other recognised international  certificates;
  • Bill of paying the registration fee;
  • Envelope file.


For the candidates of Romanian origins from the Republic of Moldova, neighbouring countries, diaspora and holders of a scholarship from the Romanian state, the registration takes place centralised, at university level.


Distribution of budget positions for Romanian citizens and citizens of member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation, for the admission to the PhD university studies from the session September 2018 (in accordance to the Senate’s approval from 19.07.2018):


IF with scholarship SB

Priority domains (IF with UAIC scholarship)

IFR Romanians – with UAIC scholarship

IFR – Roma people







IF = full-time studies, IFR = distance learning studies



TUITION FEE: 6000 lei / year



  1. Written exam (the themes are announced at the notice board and on the Faculty of Law’s site)
  2. Oral exam (interview)

The admission average grade is calculated as arithmetic average grade of the two exams.

In case of equal average grades, the deciding is made on basis of the grades of the master degree exam and, if necessary, on basis of the average grades of the bachelor diploma exam.





Doctoral supervisor: prof. dr. Tudorel TOADER

Available positions: 2 positions budget, 1 position for Romanians from all over, 1 position with tuition fee



  1. Criminal law and its application limits;
  2. Criminal offences against the person;
  3. Criminal offences against justice implementation;
  4. Criminal offences of corruption and in office;
  5. Electoral criminal offences.



- Constantin Mitrache, Cristian Mitrache – Drept penal român. Partea generală, Editura Universul juridic, București, 2014;

- Florin Streteanu, Daniel Nițu - Noul Cod penal – partea generală, Editura Universul juridic, București, 2015;

- George Antoniu, Tudorel Toader (coordonatori) - Explicațiile noului Cod penal, vol. I-V, Editura Universul Juridic, București, 2015-2016;

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- Sergiu Bogdan, Doris Șerban, George Zlati - Noul Cod penal. Partea specială. Analize, explicații, comentarii, Editura Universul Juridic, București, 2014;

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- The European Convention on Human Rights;

- the Romanian constitutional court and ECHR jurisprudence, regarding the exam themes.



Doctoral supervisor: prof. univ. Dr. Valeriu M. CIUCĂ

Available positions: 1 position budget


Formal sources of private law within the systems: Roman-Germanic, common law, religious Islamic and traditional Hindu;

“Subjectivity of comparison” of the legal systems according to the comparatist Pierre Legrand;

Ratione materiae and ratione personae vel loci competences in France and USA;

Collective legal persons in France, SUA and Greece;

The Protective Regime of Persons without Juridical Capacity in USA;

French civil law in respect to foreign legal systems (Le droit civil français en face des systèmes juridiques étrangers) in Jean Carbonnier’s work

The opinion of the comparatist Leontin-Jean Constantinesco on the positive character of comparative law, as expressed in the first book, the 3rd volume of the Treaty on Comparative law;

R.C. van Caenegen on six contrasts between civil law and common law;

The legal acculturation “on history’s verticality”, by force of the prestige of the Roman law and the Roman inheritance in English law. Arguments from the preface of the capital work (The principles of Roman Law ...) of William L. Burdick.


Initiation bibliography:

Valerius M. Ciucă (coordonator) et alii, Lecţii de drept privat comparat, vol. I-III, Ed. Fundaţiei Academice AXIS, Iaşi, 2005-2009;
Pierre Legrand, Dreptul comparat, Ed. Lumina Lex, 2001;
Leontin-Jean Constantinesco, Tratat de drept comparat, Ed. ALL, Bucureşti, vol. III ”Știința dreptului comparat”, 2001;
R.C. van Caenegen, European Law in the Past and the Future: Unity and Diversity Over Two Millennia, Cambridge University Press, 2002;
William L. Burdick, The Principles of Roman Law and their Relation to Modern Law, Rochester: The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Co., 1938;
Jean Carbonnier, Droit civil. Introduction, PUF, Paris, 1996;
Colectiv, Les juridictions des Etats membres de l’Union européenne. Structure et organisation, Cour de justice de l’Union européenne, Luxembourg, 2010.



Doctoral supervisor: prof. univ. dr. carmen-Tamara UNGUREANU

Available positions: 1 position budget, 2 positions with tuition fee


  1. 1.       Participants to the international trade activity.

-          Private operators: the sole company (nationality and applicable law); transnational operations of company regrouping (transnational merger, taking over the control, the operation joint venture, transnational company groups); companies forms in the European Union; insolvency in international trade.

-          The state – international trade operator. The investments.


  1. Applicable law and competent court for solving the international trade disputes

-          Applicable law (imperative norms, suppletive norms, lex mercatoria).

-          Regulation of international trade disputes (competent court; mediation and other alternative means of dispute resolution; arbitration in international trade).


  1. 3.       International trade operations.

-          Preparatory phase of international trade operations.

-          Contracting phase of international trade operations (usual clauses in international trade contracts).


  1. 4.       International trade operations. Contracts.

-          Electronic trade. Electronic contract. The contract cloud computing.

-          International trade of goods contract.

-          Commercial contracts (contract of agency, distribution contract, franchise contract, offshore outsourcing contract).

-          Transportation contract (international road transport of goods, international train transport of goods, international sea transport of goods, international air transport of goods, international multiway transport of goods).

-          International trade contracts regarding intellectual property rights (know-how contract, license contract).

-          Financing contracts of international trade operations (leasing contract, factoring contract, third party litigation funding contract, crowfunding contract). Trade effects: bill of exchange, promissory notes, the cheque in international trade.



1. Carmen Tamara Ungureanu, Dreptul comerțului internațional, Editura Hamangiu, București, 2018

2. Ioan Macovei, Tratat de drept al comerțului internațional, Editura Universul Juridic, București, 2014

3. Dragoș-Alexandru Sitaru, Şerban-Alexandru Stănescu, Dreptul comerţului internaţional - Tratat - Partea generală şi Partea Specială, ediţia a II-a revizuită şi adăugită, Editura Universul Juridic, Bucureşti, 2017

4. Indira Carr, Peter Stone, International Trade Law, Editura Routledge, UK, 2014 (for those interested, the book can be consulted at the reading room of the Faculty of Law’s library)


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