The Fifth Edition of the “Legal Perspectives on the Internet” International Conference – Cyberspace, The Final Frontier? Concluding And Performing Agreements – 30th-31st of October 2021

The Faculty of Law of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, Law Doctoral School  in partnership with the Faculty of Computer Science, the National Institute for Training and Professional Development of Lawyers – Iasi Territorial Center are organizing:

The Fifth Edition of the “Legal Perspectives on the Internet” International Conference Cyberspace, The Final Frontier? Concluding And Performing Agreements

Cyberspace is turning more and more into a jungle, with rules imposed by the strongest. No matter the risks in “living” online, it cannot be avoided. It is a space that became indispensable to all of us, from public state authorities to international organizations and private actors, may they be professionals or simple users, consumers, employees. Non-humane new participants such as algorithms make the environment more unpredictable and difficult, in the likes of real hunger games [Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games].

For the fifth edition of the Conference we extend the invitation of finding together the safest and most efficient paths for concluding and performing agreements in the cyberspace jungle. Papers referring to any types of contracts/agreements are welcome, from public contracts to private ones or those in between, as well as other related aspects.

The Conference is addressed to legal experts from the academia, PhD students and practitioners, as well as IT professionals concerned with the legal scale of their work, as it is an opportunity to debate and find solutions to the complex interdisciplinary connections determined by the use of Internet.

The Organizing Committee invites all participants to an oral presentation of the papers addressing the topic of the Conference. The subjects approached in the papers can refer to any field regarding the use of Internet, and the final papers, after peer review, will be published in the Scientific Annals of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, Juridical Sciences, a journal indexed in Hein Online and CEEOL international databases.

The following topics addressing the conclusion and performance of agreements in cyberspace serve as examples: cybercrime, human rights (the right to a private life, the right to free speech etc.), e-governing and online administration, employee protection, national and international e-commerce, e-banking, unfair competition, consumer protection, personal data protection, intellectual property protection, artificial intelligence.

Conference registration:  link(click)

Each participant can only submit one paper.

The deadline for conference registration is September 30th 2021.

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