The Fifth Edition of the “Legal Perspectives on the Internet” International Conference – Cyberspace, The Final Frontier? Concluding And Performing Agreements – 30th-31st of October 2021

Authors' guide

Each participant in the conference can sign up with a single paper.

The following topics are exemplary: cybercrime, human rights (right to privacy, free speech, etc.), e-government and online administration, employee protection, internal and international e-commerce, e-banking , unfair competition, consumer protection, protection of personal data, protection of intellectual property, and so on.

• Scientific papers in extenso will be sent electronically to: until November 15, 2021 .

• The papers will be written according to the instructions in the Authors' Guide to the Scientific Annals of ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza University” of Iași, Juridical Sciences Series, which can be found at:

• Summary of papers.

The abstract will have a maximum of 150 words. The paper will also contain 4-6 keywords that capture the essence of the work.

• Evaluation of the submitted papers

The papers received will be subject to evaluation by the members of the Scientific Committee, according to the topic, following the peer review rules.

• Exclusive responsibility of authors for the content of the submitted works

The submitted papers must be original and not be published previously. Authors are required to abide by copyright law and avoid any form of plagiarism. All responsibility lies with the author of the paper. The conference organizers assume no responsibility for the authors' failure to comply with the copyright laws or for any act of plagiarism.

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