The Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law, the first Moldavian faculty of law – whose direct successor is the present faculty of law in the University of Iași – was founded on July 3rd 1830 when, with special solemnity, the first lecture on laws was held in Romanian language by the state jurisconsult Christian Flechtenmacher, at Vasilian Gymnasium. The lectures took place in a building at Trei Ierarhi Monastery, where the future Academy of Iași started its courses, until finding its own headquarters. In 1860, the Faculty of Law was the only faculty in the University that held courses for all three study years, having at the same time the largest number of teachers.

Today, the law school in Iași continuously adapts to the socio-economic context, on one hand, by implementing opportunities for training future jurists, and on the other hand, through the internationalization strategy.

The faculty’s teaching staff stands out through its interest in legal research, following the lines of research drawn in the faculty’s strategy. At the same time, the teaching staff is trained in European countries, having studied or participated in teaching or research mobilities in France, Germany and Italy, as well as in other countries, such as the United States of America, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Morocco.

In terms of logistics, our faculty offers the following facilities: auditoriums, seminar rooms. library and reading room, forensics laboratory and computer science laboratory, all adequately equipped.

Faculty of Law

B-dul Carol I nr. 11, cod 700506, IAŞI
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